Benefits of using casing soil for commercial mushroom growth

Carmine and Michael
Written by global axis

November 29, 2022

Casing soil has been discovered by mushroom growers to be a significantly beneficial layer of material to use on top of the compost in mushroom beds. Casing soil can have a great impact on yield and in fact some mushrooms won’t actually fruit at all without the addition of casing.

The casing soil layer provides water retention properties and also contains microorganisms that are necessary for growth in some species. Casing soil consists of a mixture of Deep dug black peat and Blonde Peat which are usually blended with various types of lime to ensure correct pH is reached for optimum mushroom growth. Black Peats contain many micro pores that retain water slowly and for a long period of time. The mixture of peats also contains larger pores that absorb water quickly as well as release water quickly. Both these small and large pores are necessary for a good quality casing soil.

Colonised mycelium often tends to dry out quickly if the humidity drops below a certain level, preventing them from reaching a full pinset. A casing layer provides a consistent humid environment for mushrooms to grow, which is ideal for mushroom pins to form and start to develop into fruitbodies that protrude through the casing.

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