Global Axis Import Solutions implement operational improvements to align with business growth

Carmine and Michael
Written by global axis

June 1, 2022

As we approach the end of the financial year, the team here at Global Axis looked at the last 12 months and wondered – how did we get here so fast? A LOT happened during this past year, and with continuous adjustments and improvements within that time, we are happy to now see the end of the pandemic and everything it impacted. Challenges such as shipping delays don’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon, but on a more positive note we are happy we can travel interstate and overseas again – and look forward to visiting our networks across the globe soon! 

So, what did we do to improve our business operations?

First up, the F word we love so much: Finances.

Working closely with the team at Y Partners, including Scott Edwards and Marie Scarfo, we updated our accounting software to Xero. Being able to automate and streamline most accounting tasks has improved our efficiency tremendously. The best part about it though is the third-party apps that allow integration across the board.

Which brings us to our next project – implementing a new inventory system!

After lots of research and deliberation, we found Dear was the system for us. Dealing with suppliers and customers on a global scale, it is so important that we are equipped with instant visibility into stock levels, order/shipping status, and up-to the-minute knowledge of our inventory and where it is in the world. While transferring the data into the new system was a somewhat tedious project, Derek Nagle from Insikt, was with us every step of the way. Dear and Xero now work hand-in-hand seamlessly, and we can already see how this has saved time on daily tasks. Not only have we noticed the improvements this has made, but our customers have noticed too, with one of them also looking at implementing Dear in the next few months. 

Why now? Why was it so important to us to make these changes during an already hectic period?

The old saying “there is never a good time” rings true, but with the shipping world in chaos impacting supply demands and securing an exclusive distributorship with Europe’s largest growing media supplier, Kekkilä-BVB, the timing was perfect for us!

Through the arrangement with Kekkilä-BVB, we gained Kekkilä-BVB’s customers in Australia and New Zealand, as well as now have access to the full range of Kekkilä-BVB’s highly regarded products at a time of increasing consumer demand for fresh produce. Whether it’s for the ever-popular mushrooms or the health-conscious fresh berry market, our customer-base of local and national fresh-produce farmers rely heavily on a dependable source of horticultural products and equipment. This includes nurseries, who count on a reliable and constant stream of peat and potting soil to grow seedlings. These seedlings are then purchased by farmers and growers throughout Australia and New Zealand. The endgame is to ensure that consumers everywhere can access quality fresh produce. Global Axis are proud to continue being a vital source in the horticultural supply-chain, and with this new arrangement, we will now be even better equipped to meet this on-going demand.

To further support this expansion, we created a new role, Operations Coordinator, which was filled by Madeline, a leader in project management and customer service. Madeline was pivotal in transitioning Kekkilä-BVB’s customers and implementing Dear, and she now deals with the day-to-day components of the business alongside other team members Samiko and Aspa.  This includes orders and stock control, management of international and domestic logistics, and product descriptions and data. This frees up time for Managing Director Carmine and Business Manager Michael to focus on other key areas of the business, like servicing new and existing customers as well as working towards new opportunities. 

It’s not over yet – we are continuously exploring innovative solutions to ensure we can provide the best service possible. We thank everyone that has been involved in supporting us to become more efficient than ever.

We are excited about the new possibilities that lie ahead to serve our now expanded network of partners, suppliers and customers. Stay tuned – we are just getting started!

To learn more and get in contact with the team at Global Axis here.

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