We offer a comprehensive range of quality services primarily domestic and international logistics, and the distribution of mushroom and horticultural related products and equipment. Our service to the mushroom and horticulture industries is to ensure the continual and consistent supply of products every week of every year without fail.

Canadian Peat Moss

Theriault & Hachey has been a preferred Canadian sphagnum peat moss supplier to the horticultural industry for more than 50 years. Theriault & Hachey are able to provide sphagnum peat moss in a variety of grades and bale sizes to best suit your needs. In addition to producing high quality peat-based standard growing mixes, Theriault & Hachey also manufactures custom-blended growing substrates. The state-of-the-art mixing line will provide customers with unparalleled blended growing mixes to meet your specific plant and crop growing needs to shorten their growth cycle.


Baltic Peat Moss

Greenterra is based in Latvia and has been operating since 2010, and specialise in peat and peat-based substrates with products found across the world. Factories are equipped with high quality production machines, with the installation of the most advanced technological production lines ensures fully computerized and automated production of peat and substrate products to the highest standards. Greenterra operate on the principles of quality of products, excellent service and timely delivery of products.


Plantaflor, with its head office based in Germany, have been supplying the mushroom industry with sphagnum peat moss from the Baltic States for many years.


Specialised Peat Mixes

BVB Substrate’s production of mushroom casing is based on years of experience. Regardless of the grower’s requirements, growing methods or systems used, BVB can provide the ideal casing soil to meet every need. BVB are among the leading specialists in the mushroom industry worldwide, and their casing soil is the standard for professional mushroom growers in more than 20 countries.

BVB Substrates

Kekkilä-BVB is the European leader in horticulture. They provide products and services for professional greenhouse growers, consumers and landscapers to over 100 countries world wide. Sustainable growth has always been at the core of Kekkilä-BVB. Challenges and possibilities such as CO2 reduction, water management, well-being through greener homes and cities as well as enabling plant-based food for the growing population of the world are where they focus now.

BVB Substrates

Coco Peat (Coir)

Global Axis supplies Coco Peat (Coir) products to the horticulture industry. The product is available in various grades and sizes, and is sourced from various suppliers to ensure continuity of supply and the highest quality raw materials.


Global Axis are the exclusive distributors of Kekkilä-BVB for Australia and New Zealand. BVB’s tailored blueberry substrates offer your plants root systems the best environment for elaborate and reliable growth.


Agricultural Chemicals

Global Axis has access to a range of agricultural chemicals including fungicides, herbicides, larvacides, insecticides and plant growth regulators.  Through our relationship with a leading supplier, we are able to provide an expert solution to your needs.

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