We deeply appreciate being able to work so closely with our network of partners, suppliers and customers. We value the relationships we have formed over the years and are continuously exploring innovative solutions to ensure we can provide the best service possible.
Global Axis are strong advocates of Australia’s mushroom and horticulture industries, and are proud members of the Australian Mushroom Growers Association (AMGA).
As an Australian family run business, we are so proud to operate within a global market, and contribute to the growth and strengthening of our economy. Working in a family business sometimes comes with its challenges, however we work hard (but have fun while we are at it!), and our relationships working together are stronger than ever. We appreciate the advocacy of Family Business Australia.
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Hear from our partners:

We have been dealing with Global Axis for nearly two decades and have found their service and products extremely reliable. We have NEVER been without product. The availability of purchasing the majority of products needed for mushroom production also gives us peace of mind. These products include Casing Soil, Supplement, Picking Knives, Growing Nets and Champi Lights. They have also provided services such as shipping new machinery and organising Duty and Customs paper work. Global Axis’s experience paves the way for another twenty five years of great service.
Nick Femia
Managing Director, SA Mushrooms
Global Axis is one of our key strategic partners and has been for the last twenty years. We cannot fault them or their professional attitude towards business and our relationship. The product that they supply us is always of the highest quality and is delivered on time, every time. Global Axis works in with our production scheduling so that we can always be confident that there will be no shortages. Through having a strong alliance with Global Axis, we can focus on other parts of the business and safely know that our business is being managed successfully.
Ben Grange
National Sales & Marketing Manager, Grange Growing Solutions
Global Axis’ fairness in business, their due diligence dealing with the, at times, hostile volatility in the money market and their ability to negotiate good freight rates have ensured that we, as a mushroom producer, were not unnecessarily disadvantaged. It has been a pleasure to me to have a supplier who is able to take the worry out of our dealings and at the same time be fair, reasonable and perform to the ultimate. Furthermore, their ability to obtain cultural information and negotiate change of mixtures and structures with suppliers overseas, was faultless. Being so far from our raw suppliers it was imperative for us to have trust in Global Axis and they never let us down over the thirty year period. Global Axis’ professionalism and fairness which melded into friendship, certainly has been an integral part of our own continued success over the years. I cannot speak too highly of Global Axis and their dedication and service to us, their customer over the past 30 years and thank them most sincerely for their tireless efforts.
Douglas Schirripa
Chairman/Director, Adelaide Mushrooms & Mushroom Business Advisor, Costa Exchange