What are the health benefits of mushrooms?

Carmine and Michael
Written by global axis

January 13, 2023

Mushrooms are a tasty, flavourful superfood packed full of several beneficial nutrients! There are so many different ways to incorporate mushrooms into a meal; whether sautéed as a side, mixed into eggs, a curry or pasta, or even raw through a salad. Mushrooms also come in a variety of types with varying shapes, textures and flavours including portobello, button, swiss brown, enoki and oyster, to name a few.

Here are a few of the many health benefits that mushrooms provide:

Amazing source of vitamins and minerals – Mushrooms contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals including B vitamins thiamine and riboflavin which are important for the nervous system. Vitamin D is also in abundance in mushrooms which is important for bone and immune health. Mushrooms are also one of the few non-animal sources of vitamin D as they produce vitamin D by absorption from the sun, like human skin does. 

Boost immune system – Other nutrients that mushrooms contain including folate and copper are essential for a healthy immune system. Research has shown that mushrooms can help to stimulate macrophages in the immune system which help to remove foreign bodies, preventing serious illnesses.

Assist with heart health – Research has shown that mushrooms have the ability to help fight heart disease as well as decrease the risk of developing heart disease. The potassium, fibre and vitamin C that mushrooms contain, help to regulate blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels.

Brain health – Mushrooms have also shown to be a great food for brain/mental health. They contain B vitamins such as biotin, folate and riboflavin that are beneficial for the brain and contribute to good mental performance and brain power.

Skin, hair, nails – There nutrients biotin, copper, niacin and riboflavin are skin loving nutrients found in mushrooms and contribute to healthy skin. Selenium, another nutrient found in mushrooms, also helps to keep hair and nails healthy.

Source of fibre – Mushrooms provide a great source of fibre as they contain pectin which is a soluble fibre that helps to lower cholesterol. Dietary fibre also helps with conditions such as type 2 diabetes for prevention as well as reducing blood glucose levels.

Another great positive of mushrooms is that they suit a variety of diets as they are naturally gluten free, sugar free, vegan and low in calories so almost everyone can eat them!

Try incorporating mushrooms into your regular diet from now on; they will add a great flavour and benefit your overall health with their many nutrients!

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