We offer a comprehensive range of quality services, primarily domestic and international logistics, and the distribution of mushroom and horticultural related products and equipment. This includes the supply of mushroom casing, sphagnum peat moss, mushroom growing supplements, mushroom spawn, machinery/equipment and many other sundry products to mushroom farms, nurseries, turf producers and potting soil companies across Australia and abroad.



Global Axis are the exclusive agent in Australia for BVB Euroveen. BVB’s production of mushroom casing is based on years of experience. Regardless of the grower’s requirements, growing methods or systems used, BVB can provide the ideal casing soil to meet every need. BVB are among the leading specialists in the mushroom industry worldwide, and their casing soil is the standard for professional mushroom growers in more than 20 countries.


Global Axis are the exclusive agent in Australia for Harte Peat. Harte Peat is recognized as one of the market leaders in the mushroom casing industry and has been producing casing soil mixes since 1987. The success of Harte’s business has been built on meeting customers’ expectations in relation to product quality, mix quality and freedom from disease. First established in 1987 by Tommy and Kay O’Harte, Harte Peat is a privately owned company which specializes in the supply of premium mushroom casing soil to mushroom growers and the mushroom industry throughout the world.

Global Axis are able to supply ‘blonde peat’ from Canada and the Baltic States to be used in mushroom casing. The companies we choose to deal with are able to provide sphagnum peat moss in a variety of grades and bale sizes to best suit your needs.


Global Axis are the exclusive agent in Australia for Plantaflor. Plantaflor, with its head office based in Germany, have been supplying the mushroom industry with sphagnum peat moss from the Baltic States for many years.


Global Axis are the exclusive agent in Australia for Theriault & Hachey Peat Moss. Theriault & Hachey has been a preferred Canadian sphagnum peat moss supplier to the mushroom industry for more than 50 years.



Global Axis are the exclusive agent in Australia for Amycel Spawn Mate. Amycel / Spawn Mate’s mission is to be the technological innovator and premium producer/supplier and marketer of mushroom spawn, nutritional supplements and related productivity products, nationwide. Spawn Mate, Inc. was formed in the early 1970′s around a patent developed by Penn State University for a delayed release nutritional supplement for mushrooms. Spawn Mate has essentially established itself as the standard for mushroom supplementation within North America and around the globe.



Global Axis are the exclusive agent in Australia for TenCate Nicolon. With a history dating back to 1953, TenCate Nicolon is the leading brand for woven and/or coated industrial textile fabrics, and as a global leader, their industrial textile fabrics are engineered with advanced application knowledge to meet the needs and specifications for various markets such as dewatering technology, marine structures, water management, mushroom & composting, and agriculture & industrial specialties. TenCate Nicolon are able to provide growing nets, casing & supplement nets, tunnel and glide nets as well as many other products.



Global Axis are the exclusive agent in Australia for Hato. Founded in 1974, Hato is a world leader in agricultural lighting and in particular, produces a vast range of lighting for mushroom farms. Hato continues to undertake extensive research and development for future industry lighting requirements.



Global Axis are the exclusive agent in Australia for JF McKenna. Founded in 1960, JF McKenna is a family run business with 50 years’ experience that has successfully developed into three key business areas of mushrooms, horticulture and poultry. JF McKenna offer a range of services for the mushroom industry including the latest environmental controls and extending to worldwide turnkey projects.


Global Axis carries a range of accessories for the mushroom industry including:

  • Harvesting knives
  • Watering equipment
  • Hurricane foggers
  • Portable scales
  • Mushroom size gauges
  • Fancom spare parts

For orders and pricing, please contact our office.


Global Axis carries a range of agricultural chemicals for use in mushroom growing including:

  • MacPhersons Prochloraz WP Fungicide
  • EuroChem EZY-TIP Fungicide
  • Eurochem Lannex 250WP Larvicide


Global Axis carries a range of sanitizers and cleaners for use in mushroom growing including:

  • Tri Clean – Broad spectrum growing room detergent/sanitizer
  • Tri Fog – High grade growing room terminal sanitizer (fog or spray)
  • Tri Foam – Pre-foaming detergent/cleaner to be used in conjunction with Tri Fog

We can also provide equipment for application and training.

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