Volunteering as a Transformative Experience

Carmine and Michael
Written by global axis

May 16, 2024

Global Axis acknowledges National Volunteer Week

As we enter National Volunteer Week, from 20 to 26 May 2024, providing an opportunity to recognise the vital role of volunteers within our communities. 

Statistics show that approximately 27.1% of South Australians formally volunteer their time, highlighting volunteers’ significant impact on our society. Volunteering benefits not only the recipients of aid but also the volunteers themselves. 

According to research from the University of Sydney, volunteering provides a multitude of benefits, including: 

  • a sense of belonging 
  • improvements in physical health 
  • greater happiness  
  • and increased life satisfaction. 

‘When we’re helping others we’re more likely to feel good about ourselves which is, not surprisingly, a positive contributor to mental health. Mental and physical health are highly correlated, so when we’re psychologically well, we’re also more likely to be physically well,’ Dr Tim Sharp said. 

At Global Axis, we firmly believe in giving back to the community that has supported us over the years. That’s why we are proud supporters of Foodbank SA, an organisation dedicated to fighting hunger by providing essential food items to those in need. Our partnership with Foodbank aligns perfectly with our values, as we share their goal of ensuring that no one in our community goes hungry.

One of the recent ways in which we have supported Foodbank SA is by contributing to the cost of a new Foodbank delivery vehicle. This vehicle plays a crucial role in collecting and distributing food to individuals and families facing food insecurity. It enables Foodbank to reach even more people in need, ensuring that they have access to nutritious meals. 

Additionally, our team take part in various volunteering initiatives throughout the year including the annual Christmas hamper packing. In particular, Directors Rudi Moraw and Annette Munro volunteer at the Foodbank Hub in Christies Beach every Monday 8.30 am until 12.30 pm and have done so for the past few years. Rudi unloads pallets as they are delivered and restocks the storeroom, fridges, freezers and shelves whilst Annette is in the shopfront bagging fruit and veg whilst restocking shelves and the fridges and freezers, making sure all foods are in date and the floors are clean. All whilst getting the opportunity to speak and help clients. 

‘The experience of volunteering really keeps you grounded and makes you realise how fortunate we are.’

It’s been a phenomenal experience to really enhance a variety of skills and experiences through volunteering, particularly patience, understanding, and tolerance of others. Being exposed to people who are facing a certain set of circumstances is humbling and eye-opening. Nearly 300,000 homes struggled with food last year in South Australia and Northern territory. Many Australians are just one large, unexpected bill away from not having enough food on the table,’ said Rudi. 

For Rudi and Annette, volunteering at Foodbank SA has been a transformative experience. It has not only allowed them to make a tangible difference in the lives of others but has also enriched their own lives in countless ways. Through volunteering, they have found a sense of purpose, belonging, and fulfilment that extends far beyond their shifts. 

‘We employ a lot of patience, tolerance and understanding, particularly when dealing with Foodbank’s clients, who often face the most challenging situations. Sometimes, it can be quite emotionally challenging when we see people who really need more help than we can give. Seeing so many small children with nothing is heartbreaking and stays with us long after we’ve gone home,’ stated Annette. 

As we celebrate National Volunteer Week, let us all take a moment to appreciate the selfless dedication of volunteers everywhere. Whether it’s lending a helping hand at a local charity, mentoring a young person, or participating in community clean-up efforts, every act of volunteering makes a difference. 

‘We would highly recommend volunteering. We have met other wonderful volunteers from all walks of life who often have not got much themselves but are ready to help others. We have also met some amazing clients who have faced massive challenges but still put on a brave face and smile,’ Rudi said. 

If you would like to explore Volunteering opportunities with Foodbank, click here: Volunteer With Foodbank | Volunteers Are Our Key Ingredient

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