Looking for something new to add to your garden soil that will retain a great amount
of water and remains aerated and light? Peat moss is the perfect additive to mix in
with potting soil, when starting new seeds in your garden or even amending your

Peat moss is a dark brown fibrous organic material excellent for gardening,
particularly in sandy soils or pots that struggle to retain moisture. Peat moss is
harvested from peat bogs normally found in the Northern Hemisphere, including
countries such as Canada, Ireland, Latvia, Estonia and Finland.

Peat moss has an array of beneficial uses in the garden including:

Great moisture retention. Due to it’s cellular structure, it holds several times its
weight in moisture but is also able to release the moisture to the plants roots when

Chemical free. Peat moss is not only an organic material, it doesn’t contain any
harmful chemicals, bacteria or weed seeds either due to how it is formed in
unaltered, low-oxygen conditions.

Doesn’t compact. Due to its ability to retain water so well, peat moss keeps the soil
its mixed with aerated and light, allowing or plenty of open pore space.

Great for acid loving plants. Foods such as blueberries, strawberries, basil, mint,
asparagus, lettuce and even flowers like hydrangeas will thrive in an acidic
environment like peat moss creates when mixed into existing soil.

Peat moss is often used a soil amendment as it softens the soil structure and
improves drainage due to its water retention abilities. A 2:1 ratio, 2 parts soil to 1 part
of peat moss is often used. Peat moss’ sterile, chemical free nature prevents
bacteria and weed seeds and is perfect for germination of new seeds.

Whether you’re an experienced gardener looking to improve the soil in which you’re
growing, or you’re a beginner wanting to ensure you give your new garden the best
chance at producing and thriving, peat moss is a perfect addition to consider.

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