Client Spotlight: Aqua Sano

Carmine and Michael
Written by global axis

January 19, 2022

Global Axis Import Solutions is a proud family-owned business and offers a comprehensive range of quality services including domestic and international logistics. In such a challenging time for the shipping industry, we were able to assist our client, Aqua Sano, to import their product, Surgiva water, all the way from Italy to Australia. We may not be able to travel the world currently but that doesn’t mean we can’t indulge in premium international beverages and pretend like we are! What a journey these products went on; Global Axis agents organised pick up of the containers from Surgiva’s factory in Trento, Italy and then organised shipping from the port of La Spezia to Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

Aqua Sano was founded by Nick Pipinias in 2011 after he and his wife were sick of finding the same old standard mass-market drinks everywhere they visited in Australia. They were keen travelers and enjoyed dining out but found the Australian market to be lacking the variety of amazing drinks they had tasted around the world. Aqua Sano was started with the simple goal of changing that. To bring premium quality beverages to the market at a competitive price, matched with the very best service possible. They started in Adelaide and then expanded to Melbourne in 2016, followed by nationally in 2019 having a presence in each mainland state. They offer a diverse range of beverages including sparkling, still and ultra-premium water, soft drinks, fruit juices, wine and more. Nick shares below his experience in working with Global Axis Import Solutions.

What product did you need Global Axis’s expertise with?

When searching the world for the very best ultra-premium Artesian Water, we found it deep within the Italian Alps. It’s called Surgiva and we needed to bring it to Australia for our clients who demand the absolute best waters in the world. We needed to get it here fast and in pristine condition.

How did you come across Global Axis?

Global Axis was recommended to us by friends who had extensive experience in the importation of goods to Australia.

How has Global Axis supported your business? 

We found ourselves in a position where we needed to transition our top clients onto a super-premium water product. We needed it here fast to enable that transition to take place seamlessly. Global Axis arranged absolutely everything and delivered it right into our warehouses around Australia. From the pick-up at the factory gate in a little Italian village, the transit of our containers over the seas, the delivery of the containers to our warehouses, to the customs and quarantine requirements. They took care of everything so we didn’t have to worry and kept us updated and ensured our product arrived on time and in perfect condition, all within budget.

Were there any challenges in exporting your product, and how did Global Axis manage to overcome them?

Shipping and logistics all over the world right now is congested and suffering huge delays and cost increases. Global Axis ensured our product was here when we needed it and kept the cost reasonable and within budget.

What sets Global Axis apart from other import/export companies? 

The amazing level of service and the simple fact they make it all happen so we don’t have to. They take care of absolutely everything. All we had to do was tell them what we wanted to import, and they got it here for us. We could get on with our job because they did theirs so well.

Where can we find your products? Which SA restaurants in particular?

Our products are found in venues which provide a superior and high level of dining experience to their guests. From the latest places to be seen like Arkhé at Norwood, to amazing regional favourites like The Project in Robe, and renowned award winners like Allegra Dining Room, our products are for those who demand quality above all else.

What inspires you about your own business?

Any venue can supply their guests with the cheap and nasty, from tap water to mass-market global brands, with little focus on premium quality or provenance. We partner with those venues who care about absolute quality and the provenance of their ingredients. In turn they offer their guests an experience where they can enjoy the best quality beverages from Australia and around the world. We love being a part of that and making sure our clients can simply concentrate on running their business. We’ll take care of the drinks!

At Global Axis, we care about our clients and want to help make their job easier by offering a seamless and stress-free experience. We take the hard work out of importing and exporting and handle the behind-the-scenes logistics so you can focus on what’s important – your business. Visit our website for more information and contact us today to find out how we can help you today.

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