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Carmine and Michael
Written by global axis

October 4, 2021

Global Axis Import Solutions’ Managing Director Carmine and Business Manager Michael took some time recently to answer some questions about their family-owned business based in Adelaide.

Carmine, what does your role as the Managing Director entail?

Carmine: I take pride in the seamless running of operations over all aspects of the organisation. I work closely with my valued partners, customers and suppliers to ensure we can offer a comprehensive range of high-quality services including domestic and international logistics, and the distribution of mushroom and horticultural related products and equipment.

And Michael, how about your role as Business Manager?

Michael: I specialise in the operational components of the business and in particular orders and stock control, coordination of international and domestic logistics and pricing, while also being involved with business development and customer service. I spent over 12 years in the financial services industry before moving into a role with our family business.

What do you think sets you apart from your competitors?

Carmine: Global Axis Import Solutions values the importance of high-quality service and understands the significance of providing valued products on time, every time. This has been our strength consistently over the last 30 years, and will continue to be our focus as we continue to offer seamless solutions to our valued network of partners, customers and suppliers. After many years of worldwide travel and forming strong relationships, we have successfully built a dynamic logistics network on a global scale that enables us to navigate multiple import/export requirements.

What logistics services do you offer?

Carmine: We offer a comprehensive range of services including domestic and international logistics, and the distribution of mushroom and horticultural related products and equipment. Our domestic and international logistics services include Import and Export, International Freight Forwarding, Air, Sea, Road and Rail Services, Project sensitive and oversized freight, Customs & Quarantine Clearance, Container Packing / Unpacking, and Full Containers, and LCL Sea Freight. We also offer Door to Door Pallet Service within Australia and Storage and Warehousing.

What products and equipment do you distribute within the Horticultural and Mushroom industry?

Michael: Our distribution includes the supply of mushroom casing, sphagnum peat moss, mushroom growing supplements, mushroom spawn, machinery/equipment and many other sundry products to mushroom farms, nurseries, turf producers and potting soil companies across Australia and abroad. After many years of research, we have in depth knowledge of all our valued partner’s business practices and quality systems. Our service to the mushroom and horticulture industries is to ensure the continual and consistent supply of products every week of every year without fail.

How does Global Axis ‘give back’?

Carmine: As an Australian family run business operating in a global market, we take our Corporate Social Responsibilities very seriously. We are committed to supporting various community and environmental initiatives, including playing our part to reduce carbon footprints and engaging in sustainable environmental practices wherever possible. We’re also strong advocates of Australia’s mushroom and horticulture industries and are proud members of the Australian Mushroom Growers Association.

Michael: We like to give back to the community as proud supporters of the charity organisation Foodbank, aligning with their aim to fight hunger by sourcing food for people in need. I enjoy the time I spend with my family volunteering at Foodbank’s Food Hub and other community initiatives and events.

How can people get in touch with you if they would like more information?

Contact us by calling (08) 8277 1040 or click here.

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