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Carmine and Michael
Written by global axis

October 5, 2021

After helping our customers SA Mushrooms move nearly 150 containers to Adelaide for their expansion project back in 2018/19, we were asked to assist with the shipping of their new Bunker Filler for their compost yard. Bunker Fillers are vital pieces of equipment for mushroom composting, but are very large and cumbersome, and this one had to be transported from Hoving Holland based in Holland. What a journey!

The Bunker Filler had to be moved on two 40 Foot Flat Racks, and in co-ordination with our logistics partner 21 Logistics and their overseas contacts, we were able to safely move the machine from Hoving’s factory in Stadskanaal to the port of Hamburg in Germany. It then made it onto a vessel direct to the port of Adelaide, and via road to SA Mushroom’s compost facility in Lower Light, north of Adelaide. 

In addition to the freight, we also organised customs clearance in both Holland and Australia. 

The equipment arrived safely to its destination without any hiccups, and has now been incorporated into SA Mushroom’s daily operations.

Bunker Filler 1
Bunker Filler 2
Bunker Filler 3

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